If you're exhibiting at Lotusphere 2011, I'm sure you'll be considering how you might drive the maximum number of attendees to your pedestal or booth...

Yancy Lent, the man behind PlanetLotus, has a proposition for you:
We all know the game. You get the vendor bingo card in your reg pack with vendor logos on it, you visit the booth's in the product showcase and get them stamped. You return the completed card which enters you into the drawing for an amazing prize.

What if it were updated for 2011? Vendors get a QR Code printed on a card the size of a post card and attendees scan them with their phone's qr code reader. The code takes them to a web page that asks for name and email address the transports them to their mobile bingo card. As they collect the codes at each booth visit the page updates. When they get bingo; visit all participating vendor booths, they are automatically entered into the drawing.

The staff; those managing the vendor bingo campaign, can pick the random winner. The winner's name can be posted through the service. The best part, the attendees have a permanent record of their vendor visits along with their contact information on.their.phones! They can make notes and view the info later after the event.

This is... vendorbingo.com

I am currently looking for interested vendors in taking part in what I believe could generate some buzz in the product showcase floor at Lotusphere and work to drive traffic to the booth.
This idea was way too late to pitch the Lotusphere staff but there is no reason why a handful of vendors can't get together and experiment with an interactive concept that is just now going mainstream.  The prize will be a top of the line iPad. The cost to vendors is only $125. I am running this as a break even event. If we don't get enough to cover the cost of the iPad, no one pays.

If you'd like to take it for a test spin, check out the Lotusphere Demo.

If you're interested in being a part of this please contact me at vendorbingo@collaborancy.com
I think this sounds like a tremendous idea.  Contact Yancy directly to sign up...


  1. Yancy Lent

    9 confirmed vendors and counting

    01/23/2011 5:10:11 PM

    We are closing in on the vendor limit, 9 confirmed vendors and counting. Don' t miss out on the buzz. Send a message to vendorbingo@collaborancy.com if you'd like to take part. The deadline is Wed at 5pm. EST.

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