If you're new to Lotusphere, you'll no doubt be wondering what it's all about?  How to get there, what to take, what to wear, and so on...

Well fortunately, Andy Donaldson once again comes to the rescue, with his 'Guide to Lotusphere - The "Can You Dig It?" 2011 Edition!':
That's right buckaroos.  It's that time of the year again.  Time for the Lotus faithful to start looking at their calendars, counting down the days until we all pack up our bags and begin our journey to central Florida for the great gathering of the Yellow Clans, also known as  Lotusphere.  So to make your pilgrimage to land of the Mouse easier then it was for The Warriors to make it across New York City I offer this, what I hope helpful guide, especially for any first timers out there.
This is a great guide, even for those that have attended before.  Check it out...


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