As many have predicted, this year IBM has completed the task of renaming Lotusphere as IBM Connect.  

Connect 2013

From being a small sub-conference for business leaders in 2011 to much larger set of tracks in 2012, Connect is now the main brand for the event in 2013.  Many of the favourite elements of Lotuspheres past will of course still be present, and IBM is making great efforts to ensure that the technical focus of so many of the tracks remains strong.  Lotusphere has had a terrific history, and whilst the name has changed, the values that have been exhibited over the past 20 years will hopefully carry through into many more events in the future.

However the name change means that this site gets a chance to re-evaluate its existence.  When it started back in 2008/9 there was little support from IBM for the event on social channels - whilst Ed and others blogged, there were few tweets, few LinkedIn posts and very little aggregation of the content that was shared.  Over the past four years and through IBM's shift to Social Business, that is most definitely no longer the case!  On that basis, I'm very happy to stand aside and allow others to take on this role - this site will be left dormant for a while as a resource and then shut down at some stage in 2013.

Lotusphere is dead, long live IBM Connect!

All the best, Stuart.


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