By Joyce Davis,  IBM Collaboration Solutions and Social Business community manager

We've got some exciting things planned to enhance your IBM Connectand Lotusphere experiences. Not attending? No problem. Even if you're holding the fort back at the office while your colleagues attend, you can keep up with the excitement and even participate in discussions online. We also have some on-site activities planned to make the most of those meeting IRL (which means "in real life" in case your teenager isn't nearby to translate). Here are some of the highlights of our social activities online and off....
  • Online communities - connect, share information and exchange ideas before, during and after the event. Even those who are unable to attend can benefit from the excitement and discussion generated from the conferences. The best way for you to keep track of all social activities, including the ones mentioned below, is to join the IBM Connect and Lotusphere communities. Also, after the event, conference content (presentations, etc.) will be shared via the communities. First register at Lotus Greenhouse, then join:

In addition to the online IBM Connect and Lotusphere communities, other social activities are planned for the conference include:
  • Social cafes - come by one of our 4 interactive lounges set up through out the conference! Each cafe will have:
    • Interactive touch screen monitors - view relevant videos, tweets, blog, photos and more. You can even post a tweet from the monitor and send social media content to your email address.
    • Topics of the hour - hear social media experts talk about various topics related to social business, and learn tips to get started.
    • Social hosts - talk to community builders who are standing by, ready to help you with your specific social business needs.
  • Tweet ups - watch the hashtag #LS12 on Twitter to find out where tweet ups will be happening on-site!
  • FourSquare - check into sessions and find other attendees using FourSquare on your mobile app!
  • Scavenger hunts - stay tuned for some fun scavenger hunts that will help you discover interesting people and places!
  • Photo sharing - share conference photos using Instagram, Flickr and the community media gallery!

You'll hear more details about these conference activities over the coming weeks, but I hope you'll take a moment to join the online communities NOW so you can jumpstart your social experience!

[Originally posted at the Social Business Insights blog - cross-posted with approval]


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